End-to-end, automated prospecting, 24/7.

Wizia 'AI SDRs' take on the full workflow of email outbound — sourcing contacts, validating info, researching target accounts, writing highly personalized sequences, and delivering those messages into the inbox at scale.

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How it works

Wizia handles the entire prospecting workflow — and you're always in control


Prospect sourcing

After “training” on your business and your Ideal Customer Profile, Wizia's AI SDR finds the best accounts and contacts for outreach.



Wizia's AI SDR looks at your internal data and fetches relevant info from your target's website (and anywhere else).


Personalized messaging

Wizia's AI SDR personlizes every email based on persona pain points and specific account research.


Email delivery

We'll handle the details of your email infrastructure to ensure delivery. Replies are routed to humans.

Volume and personalization.
A new era of outbound.

Prospecting re-invented

10x volume and 3x conversion rates with AI SDRs

You’re in control

Wizia operates based on your rules. You guide the tool, the AI SDRs execute the work.

Infinitely scalable

Train an AI SDR on a segment. When you are happy with the results, scale it effortlessly.

Incredibly flexible

Train an AI SDR on an outbound segment, to nurture inbound leads, or to contact your long tail of SMB customers at renewal time.


"Over the past three years, we've explored a TON of AI solutions, yet Wizia stands out as the only tool capable of consistently hitting our weekly goal for meetings booked. The team and platform execute on every creative idea we throw at them."

Marc Welsh

Business Development Manager, Adquick

Traditional predictable revenue prospecting is broken.

  • Expensive to scale
  • Difficult to train & control
  • Personalizaion is time consuming
  • Metrics are high-level only
  • Experiments require coordination
  • Tedious, boring work

AI-powered outbound improves every dimension

  • Always-on, infinitely scalable
  • You control all messaging
  • Rich, AI-based personalization is automated
  • Metrics by segment
  • Experiment, iterate, optimize
  • People get to focus on more valuable work

Compared to the status quo, Wizia AI SDRs achieve:

10 x

Improvement in email volume

3.5 x

Improvement in human reply rate

3 x

Improvement in meetings conversion rate


Though technically we can send via your existing platform, most of our customers prefer for Wizia to handle email delivery instead. The primary reason is a desire for scale. Existing Sales Engagement Platforms are limited in the capacity of emails they can send based on the number of seats/email addresses in the tool. At Wizia, we have no constraints. We can scale up as many email addresses as we need to power personalized outbound at scale.

You're in complete control of each step in the AI SDRs workflow. You specify the ICP for sourcing. You instruct the AI SDR on how to research accounts and how to write in your voice. Prior to sending any messages, you have a chance to “QA” the output from the AI SDR. You get a chance to inspect how the AI SDR performs each of those steps, and to implement changes were need be. The AI SDR doesn’t start sending at scale until you’re satisfied that it’s hitting the mark.

Yes, we offer a POC - Schedule a demo and we're happy to talk details.

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Wizia lets you train, activate, and optimize AI SDRs. Take your outbound to new levels of performance and efficiency.