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That's the sound of generating leads in your sleep.

A few things to note before proceeding:

  1. Wizia is an end-to-end prospecting solution, “auto-pilot”, not “co-pilot.” You train an AI SDR on how to find contacts, research accounts, and write — then you deploy it to automate personalized sequences at scale. With Wizia, one user can power the email volume of dozens of reps.
  2. Wizia is designed for large-volume prospecting. Teams having the most success with Wizia have a larger TAM, typically 5K+ companies in their ICP.
  3. Keep an open mind — this is a new paradigm for prospecting. If your mom can converse with AI to plan a trip to Morocco, imagine what you can do if you wield that power in the outbound channel.

"Over the past three years, we've explored a TON of AI solutions, yet Wizia stands out as the only tool capable of consistently hitting our weekly goal for meetings booked. The team and platform execute on every creative idea we throw at them."

Marc Welsh

Business Development Manager, Adquick